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A Lifetime of Creativity


Natalie. Thirtysomething. Freelance Graphic Designer and Marketeer.

BA Hons 2.1 Graduate in Creative Writing and Drama with a background in theatre, textiles, art and graphics.

I am completely self taught in graphics and I think this has helped me greatly because I have always created things for the pure enjoyment and satisfaction I get from turning an idea into a piece of artwork.

I use a mixture of Illustrator and Photoshop to produce my work.

Why use NattieDesign over other web based companies?

For 8 years I worked in marketing and design for a Chamber of Commerce, which means I know all about business, from small independents to much larger organisations. I understand business needs, how to market them, and how to help small businesses grow.

I also run my business from home and often work into the night to get projects done for clients who have wanted a quick turn around. I care about small businesses and people! I always strive for perfection and to produce something that the client is 100% happy with.

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